Is Real Estate in Trouble?

Is Real Estate in Trouble?

Some headlines intentionally paint today’s real estate market as doom-and-gloom - but when you take a step back and look at the numbers you can see that the historical data tells a different story.

Take a look at the bigger picture of where we are in regard to Homeowner Equity, Foreclosures, and Inventory.

New listings are coming on the market everyday and homes are going under contract. 

What's happening with Topeka real estate?

In fact, as we look specifically at Topeka real estate numbers, here we are nearing mid-December and in the past seven days 81 homes were newly listed for sale in our MLS.

Additonally, 51 homes went under contract!

We are no longer seeing a flood of buyers competing for a limited number of homes causing multiple offer situations.  This gives buyer more of an opportunity to get their dream home under contract when they find it!

Whie we have seen some properties pop up that have been foreclosed in our area, they sure are far and few between.

What to remember....

Just because the national headlines use scare tactics to get your attention, trust Team Ringgold as your LOCAL real estate information source and don't believe all the doom and gloom the national media is trying to get you to believe!

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