5 Tips to Prep Your Home Before Selling

5 Tips to Prep Your Home Before Selling

In our Topeka area real estate market, it's still a really good time to sell your home as inventory is low and demand is high. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't take additional steps to ensure you get top dollar for your property.

How can you prepare your property to maximize the price when selling? Here are five ideas that can help.

1. Declutter and depersonalize

Home buyers need to see your home in its best light and when touring it, they should be able to focus on the property's features without distraction. They also should be able to imagine themselves in the house and how they will feel in the space.

If your home displays rooms full of clutter, buyer’s eyes could easily be drawn to your stuff rather than the features that are attractive to home buyers, such as a nice fireplace or granite countertops. Your home may look smaller and less attractive than it is, turning off potential buyers immediately. Clutter and too many family photos could prevent would-be buyers from imagining themselves making your place their new home.

Since you are moving anyway, you may as well get started by packing any clutter and personal items so when you list your property, the house is more attractive to potential buyers.

2. Take care of any ignored maintenance tasks

Many people have minor home repairs they walk by everyday and simply put off because they are inconvenient. This could be as simple as a loose cabinet handle or a leaky faucet.

Unfortunately, these ignored maintenance tasks can be a turnoff to potential buyers who may fear if the little things haven’t bothered you, what big things have you ignored as well. To avoid having a minor problem turn into a big obstacle for finding a buyer, go ahead and tackle these minor repairs. These are the type of items that would be identified during a buyer's home inspection, it's best to handle the issues upfront before they complicate the sale.

3. Ensure your home is clean and odor free

A smelly, unkempt home is a major turnoff for potential buyers. If you aren't sure how, don't have the time, or aren’t capable of getting your house clean and odor free on your own, bringing in a cleaning service will be well worth the investment so your home can make it's best impression.

4. Highlight your home's best features

When you're getting your home ready to sell, think about the features you love most about the property. Play up these features by directing the buyer’s eye to them by ensuring they are clean and accessible so the buyers can see them.

5. Talk to your Team Ringgold agent before making any major renovations

If you're considering doing any major renovations that could come at a big cost, you may want to talk with your real estate agent first.

Often, home upgrades don't provide a 100% return on investment. Potential buyers may prefer to pay less for the home and fix it up the way they want, rather than buy a newly renovated property that's not to their liking.

Your REALTOR® can give you advice on which renovations and updates might be the best investment to increase your home value or whether you're better off selling the home as is.

By taking these steps, your chances of success of selling your home quickly and for top dollar have definitely increased.

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